Ventura County Women's Forum Collaborative
Addressing international critical areas of concern for women through collaboration,
education and action in Ventura County, CA


The Collaborative Committee of the Ventura County Women’s Forum participates in the planning and implementation of VCWFC events. Representatives of member organizations serve as liaisons between the organizations to keep their board informed of VCWFC activity and provide input from their organization; encourage active participation of their membership; attend VCWFC meetings; and add to the master VCWFC invitation list.

Collaborative members must share our vision, goals, and values. Membership dues are $25 for Organization / $10 for Individual per Forum (18 month cycle). Collaborative members will be listed on the VCWFC website and in all VCWFC promotional materials.The Collaborative generally meets between four and six times during the 18 month planning period for eachForum. Additionally, Collaborative members are eligible for appointment to the Steering Committee that meets monthly and is responsible for the detailed planning, or may serve on one of the sub-committees that are responsible for specific areas of planning: program, logistics, communications and marketing, database, finance and others as needed.


          To bring to Ventura County women the twelve critical areas of concern identified at the Fourth WorldConference on Women Platform for Action (Beijing, 1995) and encourage organizations to adopt projects within their own mission that would address those areas of concern.


          To hold a series of public forums around the Beijing Platform for Action.

          To develop action plans to improve the lives of women in Ventura County.

          To collaborate with organizations and individuals concerned about the welfare of women in VenturaCounty during the planning and execution stages of forum events.

          To model collaborative work.

          To incorporate leadership opportunities and training as part of the planning process, as well as withineach Forum program.


          A collaborative model connects groups and individuals to achieve common goals in a mutually beneficial,well-defined relationship. To collaborate is to “co-labor”.

          We embrace a welcoming culture built on clear roles and responsibilities, effective communication,supportive structures and processes, trust and respect.

          We understand that participation is based on availability, energy, and expertise, and will be flexible whencircumstances require. It is the responsibility of each member to be forthcoming when commitmentscannot be met within agreed perimeters.

The VCWFC Membership Application can be downloaded by clicking here. The application may be submitted for approval by mail to VCWFC, PO Box 7003, Ventura, CA  93006 or scanned and submitted for approval by email to


Membership dues may be paid by mail or securely with a credit card online via Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account to use this service.  Simply click on this link or cut and paste this link into the address bar on your web browser:


To download the VCWFC Membership application, click here.

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